Do you like nightly downloads? NapMuSiC is your program.
You can download your favorite songs from any napster network
just by editting a file!

Napster is a protocol for sharing files between users. With Napster, the files stay on the
client machine, never passing through the server. The server provides the ability to search
for particular files and initiate a direct transfer between the clients. In addition, chat
forums similar to IRC are available.
There are also a server called OpenNap. It extends the Napster protocol to allow
sharing of any media type, and the ability to link servers together.

NapMuSiC is a console based Napster client. It has been made to
allow you to donwload songs from napster network in a non interactive way.


  1. Support for OpenNapster and other napster-compatible networks (Napigator networks)
  2. nick searchs
  3. wishlist (You can put your favourite songs in a file, then NapMuSiC will try to download it all 'automagically')
  4. New user creation
  5. Search through multiple servers

This is my first release. The sources napmusic-0.8beta.tar.gz screenshot
Here is a binary package for Debian users! ;) napmusic_0.8beta1-1_i386.deb screenshot

I'm still building this site... be patientUnder construction

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